Born in 1940, Katsumi Asaba has become a leading figure in advertising for typography in Japan. Designing commercials and posters that are considered masterpieces. He has won numerous awards, such as Best Shijuhoushou Award of Japan Academy Awards or Tokyo ADC Grandprix. He pours his energy into studying letters and creating typography art work around the world. He has great depth of knowledge on TONPA letters of Chinese pictographs. His ping-pong skills are above amateur level, having competed in the national league. Recent ping-pong tables in colors blue and yellow are of Asaba’s idea to boost the overall image of ping-pong sport. Affiliate professor at Tokyo Zokei University and Kyoto Seika University.

Campaign poster 'Oishii Seikatsu (delicious life)', Seibu department stores, 1982

Campaign poster ‘Oishii Seikatsu (delicious life)’, Seibu department stores, 1982

The Seven Faces of the ASABA, ggg, 2005

The Seven Faces of the ASABA, ggg, 2005

‘Ginza Graphic Gallery’s year 2015 opens with “Asaba’s Typography.” by Katsumi Asaba, an art director who has garnered acclaim not only in Japan but throughout the world.

With his extraordinary curiosity about wide-ranging subjects and people, and the tenacity to literally see something through to the end once he has made a decision, Katsumi Asaba carries out creative projects in many fields. Organized around the central element of typography, which sustains the foundations of his activities, this exhibition will present new works by Asaba including collages and hanging scrolls, posters, and the continuation of the diaries sweepingly presented in the exhibition “Traces of the Prayer,” held in 2008 at 21_21 Design Sight.

Asaba has been a designer for many years, but his fascination with creation, and pursuit of new forms of expression, continue to well up again and again, inexhaustibly. In the limited space of ggg we can only present a fraction of his countless works; but it’s certain that “Asaba’s Typography.” is an exhibition which reveals Katsumi Asaba’s worldview as of 2015.’


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Asaba’s Typography
09 January 2015 – 23 January 2015
ginza graphic gallery (ggg)
Tokyo, Japan


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