The Guardian opens the year with an exhibition with Alan Kitching. The experimental letterpress artist will be showing at the newspaper’s head office from Friday 23rd January to 28th February 2015. It will be open each day from 10.00–18.00 with admission free. Kitching previously did the typographic 30ft mural of inspiring texts, of the Manchester Guardian’s 1821 manifesto, at newspaper’s former office in Farringdon Road, London.

Guardian Foyer

Alan Kitching at The Guardians former office at Farringdon Road, London.

Kitching designed the jacket/poster and was featured in Baseline 29, 1999.

‘Crammed to the ceiling with a bewildering array of cutting-edge printing technology of the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, Alan Kitching’s design studio has an ink-drenched atmosphere strikingly unlike the normal environments in which most designers work. Perched on the third floor of a converted Victorian warehouse in London’s Clerkenwell, his unique workshop is a form of typographic time machine in which, with the raw printing materials of the past, he pushes back the creative boundaries of letterpress to produce highly individualistic contemporary graphics.

Kitching, due to his northern roots, proffers a no-nonsense, pragmatic approach to his exclusively type-driven graphic design. Most important, what differentiates him from other letterpress practitioners, is that he sees himself as a graphic designer that a fine printer. He is not nostalgic, sentimental or precious in his use of what is generally considered a totally archaic medium …’

Patrick Argent, article: ‘Alan Kitching – Typographic Timelord’.

Jacket/poster by Alan Kitching, Baseline 29, 1999.

Jacket/poster by Alan Kitching, Baseline 29, 1999.

Browse/buy Baseline 29 or the poster in the Baseline store.

Alan Kitching on Press
Friday 23rd January – 28th February 2015
Open daily 10.00–18.00, admission free.
Guardian News and Media
Kings Place
90 York Way
N1 9GU


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